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Thermal Break Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

TrendThermal providing great support to architects and end user on variety of technical tools to make specifying windows and doors work on you desired needs.

The thermal break and double glazing system offer the ultimate energy efficiency for comfortable indoor temperature. it provides excellent security, superior strength, sound proofing and a reduction in household cooling costs with non ongoing maintenance.

We are proud to present what has been to date the realizations that have mostly characterized its story. Each accomplishment made and proposed in this section is the result of matured experience and deep knowledge on the materials worked. The Know-how and the technical background on each and every project is reason of gratification. Each project proposed has its own peculiarity which, if described in few words, would diminish its story and efforts made. Further information on these and many other works have been carried out below for your references.

Artistic Choreography 

Like a jewel box holding precious treasures within, Heng house intrigues with its jewel-like timber panel framing its facade, stripped of its colour under constant sunlight and transforming into a glistering, intricate lattice-like patterned structure hinting at many other surprises within.


Our Projects


Seputeh Height

Tropicana Golf Resort

Janda Baik


Ipoh Bangalow

Travers Bangsar

Bukit Raja

Bukit Ledang

Alam Sutera

Bukit Tunku

Sri Semantan


Damansara Height

Tropicana Indah

Tropicana Indah

Tropicana Indah Semi-D

Bukit Damansara

Mutiara Damansara

Bangsar Hill

Taman Duta

Desa Park City

USJ Subang

The Mines

On Going Projects


Jelutong Bungalow

Damansara Height

The Mines

The Peak


Selayang Bangalow

Taman Duta

Penaga Bangalow

Hartamas Height


Trend Thermal

Trend Thermal Window & Door Experts

Trend Thermal are designers, manufacturers & specifiers of architectural windows and glass doors. Trend Thermal's products are custom made to your requirements, resulting in designer windows & doors for your specific project.

Trend Thermal specialise in the supply of thermal break energy efficient windows. Double glazed windows & doors are a key element in creating energy efficient homes.

Trend Thermal specialise in the supply of thermal break energy efficient windows. Double glazed windows & doors are a key element in creating energy efficient homes.

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Double Glazed Windows and Doors

YN Aluminium Design & Trend Thermal


Trend Thermal was established in 2012, and was fully supported by its holding company - YN Aluminium Design.
A significant research and development has been taken to transform the existing High Performance and heavy duty product to Energy Efficient product, in order to accommodate energy, acoustic, bushfire, cyclonic and security requirements in the industry for both residential and commercial applications. Trend Thermal is an innovative company at the forefront of supplying the thermal break Energy Efficient Windows and Doors, with a key element to double glazed the windows and doors in order to meet high standard of performance.




Commitment to provide best solutions for immediate and eventual customers:

  • Innovative pleasant designs which are easy to install and delight to use.
  • Custom made designs available to suite our client's needs.
  • To ever improve our products and services to give value for money and peace of mind.


  • Energy efficient products
  • After Care

Energy efficient windows and doors allow you to completely insulate your home. By investing in thermal break and double glazing, you ensure the complete insulation of your home.

All Trend Thermal windows and doors are designed to meet high performance standards.

To ensure your Trend Thermal products remain in perfect condition and function accordingly, follow this simple care and adjustment guide. All of our windows and doors are designed to maintain optimum performance if cared for accordingly.


Easy Care & Adjustment for DoorsTrend Thermal

Track / Operation / Roller Adjustment / Keeper Alignment / Latch Adjustment


Easy Care & Adjustment for WindowsTrend Thermal

Track / Drainage / Sash Guides / Sash Catch / Security

Track / Drainage / Sash Guides / Sash Catch / Security