Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

Making energy-efficient choices in your home can save you about a third on energy bills, Replacing old windows and doors with more efficient options is one way to significantly reduce your utility costs.
Thermal Break Aluminium Windows and Doors

Aluminium Profile & Thermal Break

Trend Thermal's partner - YN Aluminium Design established in the year 1999, is a leading Manufacturer of Doors and Windows Profile

Double Glazed & Low-E Glass

Trend Thermal are specialists in doubled glazed windows, these can help to reduce your carbon footprint, increase the value of your home.

Advanced Accessories Components

Upgrading components for aluminium windows and doors, Giesse produces a vast range of hardware, mechanisms and devices such as hinges, handles...


Heat Loss Reduction


Heat loss through windows can be reduced using double glazing. When compared to a conventional pane of glass, double glazing stops at least half of the heat lost through a window.

Cool Perfomance

Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) measures energy or heat reflected off surface. Conventional dark coating reflect less than 10%, meaning surface absorb over 90% of the radiation and tend to get hot. Typical black reflect only 5-7% while cool blacks reflect a minimum 25% of incident solar radiation.
Cool Performance TSR Chart

All colours in the Cool Shades Collection reflect a minimum of 25%. meaning TSR greater or equal to 0.25 (25%). While coating exhibit a TSR of 0.75( 75%) or greater, so they absorn only 25% of the incoming energy and remain cooler than darker shades.



Based on a mixture of fluorocarbon and acrylic resins, this is one of Beckers most UV-resistant coatings. Available in semi-gloss and low gloss, Beckry®Fluor is ideal for custom-designed facades on residential buildings.

Beckry®Fluor Catalogue


The Cool Shades Collection

The Cool Shades Collection

A novel range of heat reflective powder coatings that reduces the temperature of aluminium building components exposed to sunlight, which in turn reduce energy consumption and makes for a greener way of life. Less heat builds up indoors, meaning less need for cooling systems that use precious resources and energy. The Cool Shades Collection is based on heat management pigments that reflect the infra-red energy in sunlight while still absorbing visible light energy, so that while colours maintain their appearance, the coated surface stays much cooler.

Colour Chart

TrendThermal's Pride
We take great pride in building windows and doors that add comfort and beauty to your home.


TrendThermal's Advantages
Some of the benefits of TrendThermal thermal break & double glazed windows and doors are:


TrendThermal's Product Features
The Secret Behind The Energy Efficient Windows and Doors


  • 1.Protection Sealing
    All Weatherproof and Age-Resistant Glass Sealing
  • 2.Low-E Glass
    Double Glazed Low Emissivity Glass Insulation
  • 3.Multi-chamber Frames
    Energy-Saving and Noise Insulating multi-chamber frames
  • 4.Aluminium Frame
    Easy-to-Clean Frame Surface
  • 5.Weather-proof Material
    High-Grade all weather protection with No-paint cost
  • 6.Large Metal Reinforcements
    in accordance with structure requirement


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